3rd August, 2016Geological Enginer -He Lijun

Inspired by an effective anti flooding wall produce in Germany, He Lijun, a topographical designer with China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, gave his full one month to building up his own Anti flooding wall.  He manufactured the model utilizing only 200,000 yuan, which he collected himself.

The testing ground for the wall  was Wuchang Road in Jiangxia. Initial, a bond wall was deliberately connected to dirt dams, shaping a little fenced in area. At that point, a lot of water was infused inside the divider to frame a lake. The range inside hostile to flooding wall was topped with water off to 1.8 meters, yet there was little water drainage outside the wall. 

“Through figurings and testing, [the wall] can secure against water up to 2 meters high,” He clarified. “What’s more, contrasted with the German devloper to flooding divider, mine does not have such a variety of extraordinary necessities.” The German developed anti flooding divider must be utilized as a part of territories with hard subsoil. For mud dams, it can’t work.

“From origination to fulfillment, it took short of what one month,” He said. Examining the first origination of the outline, He said that he took motivation from the German divider. So as to complete the undertaking, he gathered cash from companions and welcomed four specialists to team up on the divider’s outline and development.

After only two rounds of testing, He met his surge anticipation objective on July 31. Presently he has connected for a national patent. China dally .